Are you interested in open data? Want to know more about using data to improve your library service? Or just want to play with some library data?

Library Data Camp will be a mix of workshops, discussions, and data playing. Anyone interested in using data to improve library services is welcome.


Teaching sessions (adapted from Library Carpentry materials) include:

  • Introduction to data and spreadsheets for library staff

  • Introduction to OpenRefine and a practical workshop to clean messy data


This is the unconference / library camp part of the event! Come with your own ideas of what you'd like to talk about in the sessions, and pitch discussion topics on the day. Some discussions already suggested include:

  • Open data advocacy - how to talk to leaders and managers about open data;

  • How to extract data from different LMS;

  • Tools for working with data;

  • Core datasets and schemas;

  • Open data and citizen privacy;

  • What you need to publish your very first library open data set;

  • ...

There will also be fresh library data for the event to explore and discuss.

What would you get out of the event?

  • Understand key terms about data;

  • Know what to do with your library data to demonstrate impact and make informed decisions;

  • Learn key skills in manipulating data;

  • Engage the public and encourage re-use of your data;

  • Take on open data roles in your library service/authority;

  • Find out how to release data from different library systems.


The Data Treaders are Claire Back (Plymouth Libraries), Aude Charillon (Newcastle Libraries), and Dave Rowe (LibrariesWest), with help from Denise Jones (Liverpool) and John Daniel (Leeds). OpenRefine training is provided by Owen Stephens.


This event is supported by the Libraries Taskforce and UKGovCamp

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