Core dataset and data schema

This session was run by the LGA and the Libraries Taskforce.

For further information the Taskforce have provided details about upcoming pilots they'll be running in 2018.

Libraries Taskforce core dataset pilots

The Libraries Taskforce will be running 4 pilots in early 2018 to support the development of the libraries core dataset.

1. Creating a schema for the core dataset

We want all library services to be able to collect data listed in the core dataset and publish it. For the outputs to be usable and comparable, we need everyone to publish the same things in the same way. To do this, the Taskforce and the Local Government Association (LGA) will be working with library services and suppliers to develop a schema, setting out a defined standard format for library services to ensure a consistent publication of open data.

2. Ways of publishing library data

A pilot on different ways of publishing library data

3. Collecting data on what people do when they’re in a library

Not all of the data in the core dataset is easily collectable or obtainable. Part of our work will be on piloting new ways of collecting data, one area which we know is difficult is showing what users do during their interaction with the library service. Currently this is limited to those who borrow physical items (books, DVDs etc) or those who use a computer. We want to be able to capture data on other ways people use libraries including using the library’s wifi for remote working, studying and attending an event (and what type of event it is).

4. Conducting surveys to show impact

There is existing good practice on collecting data to show impact at a local level. We will be running a pilot with library services to look at different ways of conducting surveys and collecting user feedback to show impact.

If you’d like to join one or would like to find out more please email Alternatively, if you have ideas for other pilots you would like us to run do let us know.

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