Group Exercise. Jargon Busting


  • Flipchart paper

  • Pens

  • Sticky notes

  • Internet (optional)


  • Icebreaker

  • Finding confidence level

  • Explain terms, phrases, and concepts associated with data

  • Compare knowledge of these terms, phrases, and concepts

  • Differentiate between these terms, phrases, and concepts


We will be separating into groups of 5-6 per table.

Part A: 15 minutes

Taking the following set of terms and work together to explain what each one means. Try to only spend 1 minute on each and don't worry about covering them all. Make a note of those your group resolves and those you are still struggling with.

Use flipchart paper to write down each term, with thoughts on the definition around each one.

B: Feedback 10 mins

Report back on a single term discussed by your group.

Key points

  • It helps to share what you know and don’t know about data, and data science jargon.

Source Material

Library Carpentry Data Intro for Librarians

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