Human data


  • Pens

  • Access to title/items in catalogue data

  • Paper clips

  • Human data data sheet printed


  • Icebreaker

  • Participants will begin to understand the fundamentals of data analysis: Sort, Filter, Group by, Roll up, Count, and Unique Key


We will be separating into groups of 8-10.

Part A: Becoming data 5 minutes

Using the titles/items in catalogue data provided, choose one row and fill in the printed data sheet paying attention to how the data is formatted Each person will represent one title in the library catalogue

B: Human data 15 minutes

Pin the sheet to your shirt and stand up! Through an interactive exercise, where each of us embodies a row of data, we’ll answer a few questions.

Key points

  • It helps to share what you know and don’t know about analysing data.

Source Material

Adapted from BetaNYC 2017 Creative Commons 4.0 - Attribution - Share-alike

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